2021, junio

22junTodo el día23Market, tendencies and opportunities of antimicrobial agents in the plastic sector(Todo el día)

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09:00 Opening and welcome remarks | Belén Monje, AIMPLAS
09:10 Biocidal solutions in the plastics sector: needs and strategies | Ludovico Agostinis, AIMPLAS
09:40 Biocides: Definition, types, classification and requirements for commercialization | Lidia Ferrer, Conselleria de Sanitat Universal i Salut Pública
10:10 Evaluation of antiviral activity in cell culture | Rafael Sanjuan, Universidad de Valencia
10:40 Highly Heat Resistant and Easily Dispersible antimicrobial products for innovative polymer & coating formulations | Roberto Spogli, Prolabin

10:55 Break

11:15 Needs in the healthcare environment for antimicrobial materials and validation | Héctor Martínez, IIs LA FE
11:45 Antiviral and Antimicrobial Polypropylene Yarns and Reusable Textiles in Medicine | Balogova Alena, Chemosfit Fibro Chem
12:00 Evaluation of antimicrobials in the pre-clinical model of Caenorhabditis elegans | Patricia Martorell, ADM BIOPOLIS
12:30 TAYG Clinic. Nosocomial Diseases. Bacterial clean Spaces & Storage | Mercedes Romero y Antonio Hostalet, TAYG Clinic
12:45 How can we achieve the antibacterial effect of polymer nanocomposites using light? | María Kovacova, Polymer Institute of Bratislava

13:15 Break

14:15 Antimicrobial products, Emma Talón, Bioinicia
14:30 Bacteriophages: a promising approach against pathogenic bacteria, Pilar Domingo-Calap, Universidad de Valencia
15:00 Trends in disinfection in the food industry, regulatory framework | Fernando Lorenzo & María Sanz, Betelgueux
15:15 Biobased antimicrobial | Lidija Fras Zemljič, University of Maribor
15:45 Antimicrobial Masterbatch | Erick Danilo Tello Rendón, Ancor Technologies

16:00 Break

16:20 Antimicrobials as both friends and foes in human health | María Cecilia Girón, University of Padova
16:50 Effective Biocidal photocatalytic materials based on Modified TiO2 | George Kiriakidis, PCN MATERIALS
17:05 The role of bacterial and fungal biofilm in infection and disease and the capacities of your products against this issue | Marilyn Bruno, Aequor
17:20 Biofilms, VBNC’s, other Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them | Eladio Gómez, Vesimin

17:50 Closure


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junio 22 (Martes) - 23 (Miércoles)